District Awards

Have you turned in your form for District Awards for the 2018 -19 Rotary year?  DUE by MARCH 31, 2019!!!


Click Here for the criteria for each of the awards.  We hope to see all our clubs apply and earn recognition in all three areas of excellence.  You are encouraged to have a person in your club to do the actual record keeping of the data for the club.  Any questions can be directed to Larry Leahy at leahy620@verizon.net and Dawn Wittfelt at Dawn.Wittfelt@gmail.com



RI AWARDS can be found at the following link....




As you go through the year look at the criteria for recognition. Nearly all of our clubs do most of the criteria as a matter of course. If at all possible this process works best if there is a designated person in you club to work with all awards including the Presidential Citation.


The requirements for the Presidential Citation are on the RI website. All of the requirements for the Presidential Citation MUST BE ENTERED VIA COMPUTER. The citations will include the entire year and will not be issued until mid-July.

I will acknowledge receipt of all submissions as I receive them. I also will give you some possible activities to include to increase the club total points.


Our District level of awards will be presented at the District Conference, Please plan on attending to be honored by the District for the achievements of your club.







District Events
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