Rotary prides itself on ensuring our leaders have the resources necessary to lead our clubs, committees, districts, and more. This Learning Center is designed to offer you recommended learning modules depending on position.  

Course Name Course Description
Mentoring Basics This course will provide you with practical information on how to be a mentor.
Area Governor Basics The Rotary learning center has a “get ready: assistant governor” learning module this module consists of four parts.  To do each part completely will take at least 2 1/2 hours. Individual parts describe club relations and guidance, enhancing club performance and membership.
Working with Your Team


This course will help Rotary leaders to understand district leadership team structures and responsibilities. It also provides useful information regarding required district roles, committees, subcommittees, and qualifications and responsibilities for each of them. Additionally, this course provides detailed information for optional committees and subcommittees and responsibilities associated with them.

Becoming and Effective Facilitator

Total Time: 30 min


This course highlights the importance and value of facilitation and will focus on how effective facilitators can guide people to achieve their goals.  This interactive course introduces a number of facilitation techniques and provides sample scenarios to help you practice facilitation skills.

Building Rotary’s Public Image

Total Time: 15 min


This interactive course explains the importance of Rotary’s public image and your role in not just raising awareness of Rotary but also helping people actually understand Rotary and Rotarians.




Course Name Description

Best Practices for Engaging Members

Total Time: 30 min.


This course will help you develop strategies for engaging people at all stages of membership.
You’ll learn how to energize the club experience, make members happy, and keep your club
from becoming stale.

Is Your Club Healthy



Take this course to help your club stay valuable to your members and your community.
Through interactive learning and exercises, this course will help you assess whether
your club is healthy and how to develop a strategic plan to guide you to set long-term
priorities and goals to support
your club’s vision.

Club President Basics

Total Time: 4hrs and 45 min

Looking for ways to help your club succeed? Get advice on planning for your year, creating
an engaging club experience, and working with your leadership team to help your club run
smoothly. Consists of eleven separate courses, each taking 15 to 45 minutes.

How to Start a Community-Based Rotaract Club

Total Time: Appr. 20 min



Learn why community-based Rotaract clubs are a great addition to your community and
how easy it is to start one. This course is for Rotarians who want to start a Rotaract club
for the first time. Use the additional resources to learn more or to share with your clubs.

Rotary Programs for Youth Leaders


This Training Provides Useful information to President Elects about how Rotary’s programs
for Young leaders (Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Exchange, New Generation Service
Exchange and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) can benefit the organization. 
Get their Clubs and Districts more involved in these programs, Promote Rotary in ways
that appeal to young people.

How to Run a Meeting

This presentation will provide you with practical information on running a Rotary
meeting and some of the challenges or surprises you may encounter.


Course Name Description

Getting Started with the Learning Center (15 min)


This Module will help you familiarize with the Learning Center Basics

Club President Basics

Total Time: 4hrs and 45 min

Looking for ways to help your club succeed? Get advice on planning for your year, creating an engaging club experience, and working with your leadership team to help your club run smoothly. Consists of eleven separate courses, each taking 15 to 45 minutes.
Essentials of Understanding Conflict (30 min) In this course, you will learn the essentials of how to understand, manage, and resolve conflict. You’ll define conflict and learn about the main types of conflict. You’ll explore conflict management styles, their applications, and begin to assess your own style. You’ll also review steps to solve conflict and think about how you can apply that to all kinds of conflicts you encounter yourself.
Practicing Flexibility and Innovation A rigid club is no fun at all! If you find that your club’s rules are preventing members from getting the experience they want from Rotary, try changing them. Research shows that flexibility can help attract new members and keep current members engaged. This course includes a case study.

Structure of Rotary

Total Time: This can be viewed in easy 20-minute increments. A total of one hour.

The structure of Rotary consists of three parts: clubs, directors, board of trustees. All three parts together describe the functions of Rotary, individual tasks and responsibilities of the executive team, the composition of the board of trustees and directors. It also gives the reader a general sense of how the foundation is run.

Using DACdb to Assess Growth ad Membership Leads



DACdb stores historic membership trends on your club’s dashboard while the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a useful tool for managing information on prospective members and their status. Learn how to maximize your club’s growth potential using this tool.

Rotary Brand

Total Time: 15 min.

Despite more than a century of Rotarians creating change in communities around the globe, many people don’t understand what Rotary is, how we’re different, and why they should engage with us. To thrive in the 21st century, Rotary needs a strong identity. And while every Rotarian’s experience is unique, how we tell Rotary’s story should be consistent. One of the first steps to use the Rotary brand and its symbols appropriately. This course will help you understand Rotary’s brand; the benefits of a consistent, recognizable brand; and how you can strengthen Rotary by being a brand champion.


Training for Incoming Club Leaders 

  • Presidents-elect training seminar teaches incoming presidents about their role and how to work with assistant governors in setting their goals. Use the Presidents-elect Training Seminar Leaders’ Guide.
  • District training assembly helps presidents-elect build on the leadership skills they obtained at their training seminar, while incoming club leaders learn their new roles. Club leadership teams refine their goals for the year. Use the District Training Assembly Leaders’ Guide.
  • District membership seminar prepares club and district leaders for membership activities including attracting and engaging members.  

Training for Club Leaders and Members  

 Training for District Leaders 

Dear Presidents-Elect, President Nominees, and Area Governors,

Our District Education committee has put together an education plan for our Pre President-Elect Training program that will be all virtual (pre PETS). Much time and planning has gone into the selection, review, and time allocated to each module.

We have posted the levels of learning necessary for each of your positions on the site, with direct links to the Learning Center on the Rotary International website.

The objective is to provide ease of access, flexibility in learning, and self-scheduling to finish your required modules. Once done, you will generate a certificate of learning. Please download the certificate and keep it. We expect all of you to have done your learning before the end of the first week in January as the discussion groups and breakout rooms for interactive virtual learning will be scheduled for the 23rd of January.

We will also be able to generate a report from the back end of the learning center on Club Central that will indicate what progress you have made. We require 100% completion for you to be certified.

Our District Education committee consisting of District Trainer Ayse Orellana, Co-Trainer Chris Zabriskie worked with me to develop the learning matrix.

Pam Kreis will assist our Trainers as she has trained our district leaders in years before.

Area Governor Barbara Thompson and Past Presidents Dave Vogel and Karen Blake have assisted in the choice of modules that are necessary and critical for your learning. Past President Daniel Fischer has ably assisted us in conducting surveys to elicit topics of importance to all of you.

I thank you all in advance for helping me generate an exciting, eventful and productive year.


Yours in Rotary Service,

Sean McAlister
DGE 2021-2022



  • Ayse Orellana: Co-Chair, Metro Bethesda Rotary Club
  • Chris Zabriskie: Co-Chair, Charles County Rotary Club
  • Pam Kreis: Ellicott City Rotary Club
  • Karen Blake: Baltimore Rotary Club