Carbon Footprint Pledge

The District 7620 Environment Committee is launching a project to get our District to Net Zero by reducing carbon emissions. How? By measuring your carbon footprint!

Net Zero, or carbon-neutral, refers to achieving a balance between carbon emissions produced from our energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere. We can accomplish this by reducing our emissions (carbon footprint) and removing carbon dioxide through mitigation projects, such as planting trees, building gardens with native plants, recycling, or conserving biodiversity.

The USA and 190 other countries are taking steps under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change to mitigate global warming. The President has announced a national goal of reaching a 50% reduction of greenhouse pollution from 2005 levels by 2030 and achieving Net Zero by 2050. We believe Rotarians can lead the way to get there much sooner. Our goal for our District is to reach a Net Zero carbon footprint by June 30, 2025. Yes, in just four years.

The first step is to ask every Rotarian in our District to sign a pledge to measure their carbon footprint using a carbon calculator. There are many calculators available on the web. Here is a user-friendly one that we can suggest designed by Global Footprint Network.

To achieve this goal, the D7620 Environment Committee would like you to take this pledge to Measure your Carbon Footprint! We can make D7620 the first Rotary District in the world to be Net-Zero. This may become a global Rotary Challenge. D7620 will be leading the way! Thank you for supporting the Environment!