Over the last year, Rotary 7620, the Rotary district serving Central Maryland and Washington DC for Rotary International, has spearheaded the lead role played by Metro Bethesda Club that coordinated a coalition of 20 Districts across the US, Europe, and India. This coalition recently became the Global Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Coalition (GUHAC), which is working to address the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the conflict, which escalated in early 2022, Rotary 7620 has supported the Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda, who has been working with partners across the world to provide support to those affected by the conflict by mobilizing the power of the Rotary network. Through four rounds of funding collaboration, the GUHAC has distributed over $1,100,000 in supplies, materials, and equipment through the Rotary Club of Lviv International in Ukraine:

  • Medical supplies (over 900 tourniquets, 1000 rescue blankets, and more)
  • Winter gear and equipment (1400 blankets, 600 extreme cold sleeping bags)
  • Water filtration systems (55 systems for families and 3 plants for hospitals)
  • Generators (40 generators and 1 200kw for the Lviv Regional Hospital)
  • Hospital equipment (Portable ultrasound machines, infusion pumps, patient monitors)
  • Bomb shelter repairs for two Lviv schools

The first round of funding began with District 7620 through the Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda combining individual donations, District matching funds and Rotary International Disaster funds and has now grown to include over 20 districts spanning through the United States and International partners.

“Rotary 7620 is proud and honored of the work the Global Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Coalition has been able to complete over the last year,” said Daniel Fischer, Lead Coordinator for Rotary 7620 and GUHAC.  “Our coalition supporters and Rotary International funds made it possible to help save lives near the frontlines with tactical medical aid and then assist through the hard winter with infrastructure substitutes such as generators, winter gear and water filtration.”

The Global Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Coalition brings together Rotary Clubs and Districts from around the world, including the Lviv International Rotary Club that coordinated distribution of goods in Ukraine and a local DC non-profit, United Help Ukraine, that supplied logistics, purchasing power and distribution. The coalition is working to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the conflict, as well as long-term support to help rebuild communities and promote peace.

Rotary International has a long history of supporting humanitarian efforts around the world, and the work of Rotary 7620 in Ukraine is a testament to the organization’s commitment to service above self. Through the Global Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Coalition, Rotary is demonstrating its ability to bring together people from different backgrounds and organizations to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.