The Rotary District 7620 Disaster Relief Committee and Disaster Aid USA are mobilizing to provide help to the victims of the devastating flood in eastern Kentucky.  More than 35 people have lost lives, many houses have been flooded, and thousands of people are affected in dozen counties.

Local District Governor Elect Dr. Seema Sachdeva of Rotary District 6740 (Kentucky) has been contacted, and she has asked for volunteer help at this time.  Currently, the following deployments to Kentucky are planned.  You are encouraged to join any of these deployments if you are able.


  1. August 8- 12: Our lead person is going to Hazard, Kentucky.  Volunteers are needed to help the flood victims sort their belongings, help remove debris, and do muck and gut.  So far, two District 7620 volunteers have decided to join.  Other volunteers are welcome to join this team.
  2. August 12- 14 and beyond.  Another lead person is going to Busy, Kentucky about 15 miles west of Hazard, Kentucky.  Steve Kemp (Rotary Club of Greenbelt) is going to join this team on August 13.  Another District 7620 volunteer is also going to connect with Steve Kemp and this team on August 13 and 14, 2022.  They will coordinate with the local Rotarians, whenever possible, to help the flood victims.

General Information

  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older.
  • Please refrain from volunteering if you are not feeling well or suspect you have or have been exposed to Covid-19.

The District 7620 contact for all deployments is Dr. Bill DuBoyce (Rotary Club of Prince George’s County). He can be reached at 443-995-0136 or

Thanks in advance for your support of District 7620’s Disaster Relief Committee and Disaster Aid USA.