So what do you think of the new newsletter format?!?  We are very excited to start using the ezBulletin feature to produce our newsletter, as it is easier, quicker, and more digitally dynamic. This will change the way you submit your newsletter articles, but don’t worry we have a nice cheat sheet ready to go for you!

As of September 1, 2022, please use the following instructions to submit your District Newsletter article.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to the District tab at the top of the page
  3. Select ezStory icon.
    • DISTRICT LEADERS: If you do not see the icon under the District tab, go to the settings gear icon and add it to your available icons.
    • CLUB LEADERS: Instead of using District ezStory, use Club ezStory and see Step 8 for making it a District story.
  4. Select the Add Story button in the top right corner
  5. Under the information tab, provide the following
    • Story Name – begin with the first three letters of the month you want the story to appear. For example for October, type OCT and then the headline of your story
    • It will auto-populate in the Headline field. Please remove the Month Indicator (i.e. the OCT) from that line only.
    • Put the story in Review status
    • Select the start date: the first of the month of the newsletter month in which you want it to appear
    • Select the post until date, which should be the last day of the newsletter month
    • If you have an image, please upload it to the main story image. A square image works best – 400 x 400 pixels is preferred.
    • Show story in – check the box next to ezBulletin (only select this box)
    • Find your name in the byline
  6. Under the story content tab, this is where your full information will go.
    • All information in these sections use the font Arial 12pt.
    • In the summary, please share two sentences AT MOST. This should entice the reader to click “read more”
    • Your full article text and additional images if you have them, should go in the complete story area.
  7. When you are done with steps 5 and 6, hit save in the top right corner.
  8. If you created your story in Club ezStory, please follow the steps below to copy it to the District view.
    • Select a Story from your list of published Stories.
    • Select Edit Story on the right.
    • Next to the yellow Save button is a button labeled “Share” (top right).
    • Leave the “Copy the story” radio button selected.
    • Click Save.

From this point, the newsletter team will work to ensure it is good to go and published for the next newsletter. If you would like your article to be in a subsequent newsletter, please go back to ezStory, duplicate the story and ensure to update point 5 and any other information that would need to be adjusted.